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Why Your Wedding Album is Just as Important as Your Wedding Photos

Deciding who to hire to photograph your wedding is a big decision. When you hire a photographer to document your wedding, you're entrusting that person to capture the emotion of the day, the important moments and all of the details and candor in between. Hiring the right person means that you'll blessed with amazing images that will allow you to relive the emotions and the beauty of your wedding. But what comes after the wedding? Hopefully, when you interviewed your photographer you saw some of his/her sample wedding albums. Finding a photographer who understands how to take great images is important, but it's also important to find a photographer who also understands the significance of your wedding album. I think every couple who invests in their wedding photography should also invest in their album - a big, beautiful wedding album. Your wedding album is your first family heirloom. You'll share it with your children and your grandchildren. You'll flip through it at least a hundred times in your lifetime. It's the one thing that you will have to pick up, hold, touch, feel and look through sixty years from now. It will transport you back to one of the most magical...

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