MaryBeth and Aaron’s Wildwood Engagement Portraits

MaryBeth and Aaron’s Wildwood Engagement Portraits

MaryBeth and Aaron are getting married in October in Little Rock. They wanted to find a location that was both outdoorsy and sophisticated, and I knew Wildwood be the perfect location for their engagement portraits. The grounds at Wildwood are beautiful and there are several different parts of the park that are great for portraits. MaryBeth told me she was coming with props and her puppy, Prancer, so I knew I was in for a treat! Check out this sweet couple’s session:

  • bekki glenn/ 15.04.2012Reply

    I love ’em! I can’t wait to meet Aaron & Marybeth has grown to be a beautiful young lady!- aunt bekki

  • Sharon Bailey/ 07.04.2012Reply

    These are absolutely wonderful pictures. You did a wonderful job Meredith. I enjoyed these. Aaron and MaryBeth mean the world to us and their marriage is becoming more and more of a reality. I am so excited about it. Thanks for posting, Dad.

  • Scott Williams/ 05.04.2012Reply

    Anther of my Beautiful Daughters all grown up….

  • Tracy Williams/ 05.04.2012Reply


  • Janet Watts Savary/ 05.04.2012Reply

    Beautiful! Great pictures.

  • Linda Murphy/ 05.04.2012Reply


  • Mary Mathis/ 04.04.2012Reply

    They are beautiful pictures, the couple is beautiful also. Prancer looks mighty cute.

  • Aaron Bailey/ 04.04.2012Reply

    Thank you so much Meredith they turned out amazing.

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