It’s still January and I’m proudly keeping up with my New Years Resolution to take at least one photo daily with my phone and share it with all of you on Facebook and Instagram. It’s been fun! Some days I catch myself with nothing at all to shoot, which is actually nice. It makes me stop and think. Hmm? What around me would make a fun Instagram? I like that. It’s a small challenge that helps me see things in new ways.

My daily photos are not always amazing or all that interesting, really, but they are a great way to look back and see what was going on in my life and in business. I love that!

Here are a few of my recent daily Instagrams….

What else is new besides amazing weather (notice the shot of Emma at the zoo without a coat – yes, it was 70 degrees in January!)? My new marketing piece, a magazine!!, came in. I’m in love with it, and I’ve gotten some great feedback from clients and wedding vendors, which is great! I handed out lots of these at the Arkansas Democrat Bridal Show earlier this month, and it was a hit! There were thousands of brides who attended and some of the most awesome vendors in the State were there, plus I made some new friends, so I’d say it was a great event!

On a less cheery note, with very, very heavy hearts, Andrew and I decided to find a new home for our first baby, Lola. We got Lola shortly after we were married, so she’d been with us for more than four years. She is a kooky, crazy, twirling, licking, barking, high-energy yet sleepy kind of girl. We love her. We hated to make this choice. But. It was the right thing for Lola and for Emma-Kate. After more than two years of struggling to keep her calm and happy in a new environment that revolves around a growing (and fearless!) child, we decided that the best thing was to find her a new home. We are very fortunate to have some amazing family and friends who sent emails and Facebook messages out to the masses, and we found a wonderful home for her in less than 24 hours. She now has a big brother, another Boston Terrier named Sarge, and a new set of dog parents who are spoiling her rotten.

I’m a super sentimental kind of girl, so I just had to put together one last set of photos of our sweet Lola dog.