Congratulations! You’re engaged and you’re on the path to planning the most beautiful, romantic and memorable day of your life – you’re planning your wedding! The idea of planning a wedding is exciting, but the reality is that it can also be challenging and stressful. A professional wedding consultant can help you with most, or all, of the tasks involved in planning your wedding. From timelines, checklists, vendors, accessories, emergency safety-pins and etiquette, a planner has the experience necessary to make sure your day comes together seamlessly and beautifully.

Reason #1 – Design

A wedding planner will help you turn your dreams into reality. Your planner will meet with you to discuss your ideas and ask questions so that they fully understand what you envision, and then go to work to find the right vendors to create the perfect wedding for you. What if you don’t know exactly what you want or you’re not into making a zillion trips to scope out caterers, florists and venues? That’s OK! Your wedding planner will take care of the things you’re not interested in doing yourself and can handle most the details for you. It’s your planner’s job to understand your vision, know your likes and dislikes and make your wedding design a reflection of you and your dream.

Reason #2 – Budget

A wedding planner can help you save money and keep you on budget. If you’re thinking of ways to convince your father, mother or fiance to hire a planner, start here! A wedding planner will work with you to create a budget and help you stick to it. Wedding planners are experts in their field and know how to stretch your dollar. They can also help you prioritize what’s important and what you can live without so you’re not spending money on aspects of the wedding that you really don’t need or care about. If you think you can’t afford to hire a planner from start to finish, consider having a wedding planner help half-way through the process or even just on your wedding day. This will allow you to benefit from their experience and know-how of making the day go smoothly without a large expense.

Reason #3 – Timing and Flow

A wedding involves numerous vendors and individuals, and its important to have someone knowledgable to coordinate the day, make sure everyone is following the timeline and keep things on schedule.

Reason #4 – Etiquette and Guidelines

Every bride needs a person that she can ask about etiquette and wedding-related questions. Planning a wedding involves a lot of family, so its also nice to have a person available who can help keep everyone’s emotions in-check and relationships from straining during the planning process. A wedding planner often serves as a mediator to help keep all of your family and friends relaxed and happy.

Reason #5 – Stress

Wedding planning and all of the events leading up to the big day can be stressful. Planning this day should be fun! Having a planner can reduce your stress level and will do the heavy lifting so you can focus on enjoying your engagement and being a bride-to-be. On the wedding day, your only job is to be the bride. Enjoy your day, don’t worry about whether or not the cake has been delivered or if the band shows up on time. Relax, have fun and let your wedding planner handle all of the details. All weddings have hiccups and your planner will make sure that you never know about any problems or glitches that arise.

Reason #6 – You’re Busy

Do you work full-time? Do you have a lot of activities or responsibilities on your plate? Planning a wedding can be a seriously time consuming time in your life. A planner can help streamline the planning process and do things for you that you may not have the time to handle. Having a planner who knows vendors, understands the ins and outs of coordinating a wedding and has an eye for detail can save you a lot of time and running around.

Reason #7 – Insider Info

Wedding planners are savvy and experienced. They have the inside scoop on the world of weddings and they know where to find the best, most reliable vendors. With their experience comes relationships and those relationships can score you deals and discounts.

Reason #8 – Peace of Mind

Hiring a wedding consultant means that there is less of a chance of something going wrong and more peace of mind knowing that all the details will be just as you want them.

Reason # 9 – The Day After

You’re finally Mr. & Mrs! Just because you’ve tied the knot and are heading to the airport for your honeymoon doesn’t mean that there aren’t lingering details to be taken care of. The day after your wedding can also be stressful and the last thing you want to think about is returning tuxes or making sure that the reception hall was properly cleaned. Your planner can handle making sure that all of the loose ends are tied up and even mail out your pre-written thank you notes.

Reason #10 – Emergency & Crisis Management

There are so many things that can go wrong on your wedding day… Your bustle hook breaks, the florist forgot your Great-Grandmother’s corsage, the officiant is sick, or the best-man’s tux arrived without pants. Lucky for you, you hired a wedding planner who has an entire bag full of tricks to remedy these kinds of mini-emergencies quickly, quietly and gracefully.