Carrie and Levi are married, so now I can show you these amazing bridal portraits I’ve been itching to post for weeks now!  We shot Carrie’s bridal portraits at various locations in downtown Little Rock. I love shooting downtown because there is such a great variety of backgrounds and settings to choose from. Some of my favorite images from this shoot were taken at the very end of our shoot when we had a few minutes of ‘magic light’ and we were waiting for Carrie’s sister, Amy, to pull the car around. I love when a bride is happy to shoot whenever, wherever, however – it always makes for a fun shoot!

We happened to cross the street right as a trolley made a stop. The conductor was so nice and invited us on board for some photos. I think the one below of Carrie might be my favorite of the session. She looks so happy and I love how vibrant the trolley colors are.

There is something so glamorous about the photo below. Carrie looked absolutely beautiful!

Ahhh… I could shoot for hours in light like this. Carrie is pretty anyway, but the golden sun made her look even more radiant. I love everything about the next several images!