Bucket List Boudoir | Arkansas Boudoir Photographers

I love boudoir photography because I get to meet and photograph so many unique and inspiring women. I have the pleasure of working with women at all different stages of life and hearing their stories and marking milestones with their portrait sessions. I especially loved working with this woman. 50-something years young and beautiful. A boudoir session had been on her bucket list for many years, and I was thrilled to make her dream a reality!  ...

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Southern Boudoir Photographers

Arkansas Boudoir – Boudoir Photoshop Retouching

Curious about how much of my work is photoshopped? Well, not that much. I try always to keep my clients looking like my clients. My goal for every shoot is NOT for you to look nothing like yourself. I want you to feel amazing in your own skin, but that said, sometimes our skin could use a little help. Personally, ever since I turned 30, I feel like a teenager again! Breakouts, oily skin - it's crazy and when I'm photographed I want that stuff minimized! When you come into my studio, the makeup is really what makes a transformation. Bold and smokey versus natural makes a huge difference in the end product and how your images look. Regardless of how we style your session, I always retouch the same way for every client. It's pretty simple and not a crazy, dramatic transformation like you might see some supermodels go through in fashion editorials. Here's my checklist: Remove blemishes Reduce under eye circles (I don't remove them completely because that looks unnatural and, well, fake! We all have a bit of shadow under our eyes) Smooth skin and even out skin tone Soften wrinkles (again, I don't completely remove these, but I reduce and soften) Enhance eyes Pump...

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little rock pin up - arkansas boudoir

Little Rock Pin Up Photography – Central Arkansas Boudoir

Miss M came to me with the idea of doing a pin up boudoir session. I love the creative challenge when clients have specific ideas or looks they want to incorporate into her shoot. I enlisted the help of one of my favorite stylists and we put together a set for M. that was modern and 40's inspired. Here are a few of my favorites from her shoot:  ...

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Military Makeover | Arkansas Boudoir

Military Makeover | Arkansas Boudoir Photographers

When a girl spends her days with hair pulled back, in a military uniform and no makeup surrounded by guys-guys, every now and then she deserves to break out out of the day-to-day and glam it up. Miss D. arrived in her usual military garb with armloads of lingerie, sequins and designer shoes. Both she and her husband are mid-deployment and she wanted a gift for him and a day of pampering for herself. We had a blast and I love the images we created! Here are a few of my favorites: ...

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