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Couples Boudoir | Little Rock, Arkansas Boudoir

Amory's Story[su_spacer size="10"] Let me start by saying, Meredith is AMAZING!!! Last year my dear friend came to visit and we decided we wanted to do something fun, different and maybe a little daring for Valentine’s Day. We are both in our 30’s, both have given birth to two children, and both of us work hard for the bodies we have. I’ll also admit we were scared to death…. After a little internet research and a call to Meredith we knew she was the one for us. From the second we walked into her studio we felt special and beautiful! There was absolutely nothing awkward or uneasy about any part of the experience. We left feeling so empowered!! I absolutely loved my images and couldn’t wait to show my husband his “little black book”. I knew immediately that I wanted to do another shoot with Meredith behind the camera, but this time I begged my husband to come along. We have four children and have been married for several years. It was time to add some “spice” to our lives. He was not on board at first, but after months of begging he hesitantly agreed. I wanted something sexy and seductive to hang in...

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Arkansas Boudoir | Little Rock Boudoir

A Boudoir Testimonial | Arkansas Boudoir Photography | Little Rock Boudoir

[su_spacer] My boudoir session with Meredith![su_spacer] Let me start by saying I am SO thrilled I made the decision to book a boudoir photo session with Meredith! Five months ago, through my Facebook news feed, I was SO amazed when I saw two of my friends look so incredibly stunning I immediately "liked" her page! Started some research about what Meredith does with photo sessions and it made me want to do something for myself but better yet - something special for my husband! Especially after seeing her boudoir portfolio! [su_spacer] [su_spacer]I would've laughed at myself two years ago thinking I would do something like this! Giving birth obviously takes a toll on your body and definitely for me - my self confidence. 'Can I really do this?!...

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My Shoot with Meredith | Arkansas Boudoir

[su_spacer]My Boudoir Experience with Meredith –[su_spacer] I knew immediately when I saw Meredith’s photos that I wanted to book her as my wedding photographer. There was something about her images that spoke to my heart and I knew she would capture our day beautifully. It wasn’t until I was planning my wedding with Meredith that I ran across Boudoir images that she had done. All I thought was “WOW”. If she could make me look half as beautiful as the women in her pictures I knew my fiancé would absolutely LOVE them! I immediately decided to book a Boudoir shoot as a gift to my fiancé on our wedding day. [su_spacer] [su_spacer] Prior to the shoot my friends would all ask me, “how on earth could you show your body in front of people?”, and “aren’t you so scared to be naked?!” All my life I have been proud of the size I am and the woman I am and I knew that if anyone could capture my true self it would be Meredith. Plus size, small size, any size, I wanted to prove to myself and anyone who saw my images that it doesn’t matter what size you are, you are beautiful! [su_spacer] When it came to choosing my wardrobe for the Boudoir, I had more...

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