Engagement Favorites from 2011

Engagement Favorites from 2011

Most of my clients have engagement portraits taken, which I love! It’s so great to get to spend a little bit of time together before the wedding so that we get to know eachother and the couple learns how to relax in front of the camera. It’s also an awesome experience for the couple to get to really focus on each other. Wedding planning can be so crazy, hectic and stressful that often couples forget to really look at eachother and focus on their love for one another. An engagement session is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and have fun together.

Here are a few of my favorite engagement portraits from 2011:

  • Tessa/ 19.01.2012Reply

    Great stuff here!! Keep it up!

  • Paula/ 13.01.2012Reply

    When I first “meet” a couple by seeing their engagement photos, I am always amazed at how much personality is released by your photos. When I see them again in a review such as this, it is like seeing beloved family or friends again. Meredith, you are able to capture moments that are timeless. I am very proud of you. mom

  • emily/ 10.01.2012Reply

    LOVE that first one! so full of life and energy!

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