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[su_spacer] [/su_spacer] [su_quote cite="Kelly"]At first, I was extremely nervous to do a boudoir shoot. But, Meredith and her team made me feel right at home and relaxed from the moment I walked in the studio! I couldn't believe how comfortable I felt in front of the camera and Meredith's kind words helped tremendously! [su_spacer size="10"] [/su_spacer]The shoot was one of the most fun and exciting things I have ever done, and knowing that this was going to be a special gift for my husband made every second of the shoot so special. [su_spacer size="10"] [/su_spacer]I highly recommend doing this, not only for the special guy in your life, but for yourself! Everyone needs a photo to look back and say…."Wow I rocked it!" [/su_quote] ...

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