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Little Rock Boudoir Shoot at the Capitol Hotel

Boudoir is just so darn fun! It's fun for me. It's fun for the makeup artist. It's fun for my clients - who wouldn't have fun getting dolled up, made over and told repeatedly how beautiful you are?? Plain and simple. Fun. I know fun isn't probably not what you think of when you think boudoir. You probably think lingerie, Victoria's Secret models, pouty lips and bedroom eyes. Well, there's all of that, too. But boudoir is more than the images. The great thing about a boudoir shoot is that for most of my clients, it's a time when they can let their hair down and enjoy feeling pretty. Enjoy feeling like a woman and a boost of confidence. Sure, posing during one of these sessions can be a workout, but it's also a blast! Who wouldn't feel pampered spending an afternoon having her hair and makeup professionally done followed by an hour or more with me, my camera and a hairdryer with a really long extension cord to create that awesome windblown look?? Seriously. It's fun! Here are a few of my favorite images from a recent session, well, the favorites that my client will let me share since she's keeping...

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