A shoot with Meredith – Megan’s Story

I was very anxious about the shoot with Meredith. I had not taken shots of just myself since my senior pictures that were taken 10 years ago! When I saw Meredith’s work, I was floored by her talent. I wanted to feel the way those women looked in her photos but I was beyond nervous the day of the shoot. [su_spacer]

When I walked into the studio I could not believe how warm and inviting the it felt and how welcomed I was by her and her staff. Meredith had music playing, the studio was beautiful, and the additional wardrobe pieces caught my eye. Meredith immediately welcomed me in, took my clothing for the shoot, and introduced me to her amazing hair stylist and make up artist. We then began planning the shoot with the clothing and my nerves were starting to settle. I sat down in the chair with my glass of wine and allowed my new friends to work their magic. They were so fun and it made me feel like a true movie star while I was getting ready.

[su_spacer] When they the stylists were finished and I looked in the mirror, it took my breath away. I actually felt tears in my eyes because I FELT beautiful, and it was me.. all me, in the mirror. From there, the experience skyrocketed! Meredith gave fantastic direction from behind the camera and made me feel so comfortable doing something completely out of my element. I loved every pose and felt free to laugh and have so much fun!! When the session was complete, I could not wait to share my day with my family and see those photos![su_spacer]

When I came in to view the pictures, I could not believe what I saw. I told Meredith prior to the shoot that this session was to celebrate me as a woman, a mother, a wife, and just being in this place in life. She did exactly that. I could not believe how beautiful the images were and how awesome I felt about being me. I do not say that from a conceited standpoint, but rather from the view of the world we live in. We as women see all around us how we are “supposed to look, be shaped, clothes to wear” and with Meredith, its just you, celebrating the beauty you offer the world, and it feels incredible. [su_spacer]

Thank you Meredith for this amazing experience. I appreciate what you do for women and how good you make us feel.
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