Every three years, my Dad’s maternal family gathers. We’re Italian, so there’s always good food, good wine, lots of story telling and even more laughter. This group of people is so much fun to be around and I hate that three years pass between our visits. This year for our reunion, my aunt and uncle hosted us in Santa Fe. The weather was beyond perfect and the scenery breathtaking. We spent our first night in town at my aunt and uncle’s beautiful adobe home. Here are a few of my favorite details from the gardens surrounding their house and a few fun memories of our time there, too!

My aunt scored a teepee for the kiddos to play in. It was a huge hit!

The sunsets were incredible. Our room at La Fonda was comfortable and we were lucky to have a west-facing room with a balcony. The sunsets lasted a good 30-45 minutes and I couldn’t have been happier in any other place as those minutes passed. Gorgeous!!