Meet Rachel. This awesome chic is not only one of my best friends, but she also works as my assistant on weddings and some portrait sessions. She’s super fun, super sweet and I can almost guarantee that she will make you laugh. She loves all things wedding and is a romantic at heart, so she’s a natural for this job. Last week, we headed out in the evening to take some new headshots for her. Since we both live in downtown Little Rock, we opted to shoot in my neighborhood and take advantage of the rose bushes and lovely sidewalks.

In addition to Rachel’s portraits, I wanted to use this blog post as a way for my blog readers to get to know a little about her. Here are a few fun facts about Rach:

1) What do you love about weddings?

I love the creativity you get to see at weddings. Couples have such a unique way of exhibiting their own style. But above all else, it’s all about the florals for me.

2) What’s your favorite pastime?

Favorite pasttime would be playing Kickball. I’m taking a season off, but I definitely miss dressing up in crazy costumes each weekend and playing with my friends.

3) If you could travel to any one place where would that be? What would you do there?

Alaska, to see the Northern Lights.

4) Are you afraid of bees?

LOL, not afraid of bees, thank goodness!

5) What books are on your nightstand right now?

Right now I’m reading, a sappy romance novel “Only for love,” and “The Life and Death of the Great American School System,” and my Nook

6) If you could only eat one cuisine for the rest of your life what would it be?

Oh man, that’s a tough one. I would have to say it’s a close call between sushi and pepperoni pizza.

7) What’s your favorite coffee to get from Starbucks?

STARBUCKS, NO WAY! I’m a Boulevard Bread Co. kinda girl. Their soy mochas are so yummy!


Are you sure you’re not afraid of bees, Rach?? 😉