Lacey and Spencer were married yesterday in Hot Springs. The ceremony and reception were beautiful, and I can’t wait to share their wedding day images. Until then, here are some of Lacey’s bridal portraits for your viewing pleasure. Like many of my brides, Lacey wanted to shoot downtown so that we had lots of setting options. We also made a quick venture to a building shell a mile or so from my house that is awesome for more modern and gritty images. Lacey was so happy with her photos she sent me an email thanking me for the many photos from our session. I love happy clients and I love getting to share their praise with you, so here’s what she had to say:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!  You did such a wonderful job!  Some of them almost brought a tear to my eye just looking at them thinking about marrying my best friend!  My mother has seen them too, and she LOVES them as well.  It will be SO hard picking one for the wedding!  Thanks again for another wonderful job!  I just love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some of my favorite images from my shoot with Lacey. Enjoy!