Whew! I have been so busy editing that I haven’t had the chance until now to make the final post from Jana and Mark’s wedding. Here are a few shots of the ‘getting ready,’ the ceremony and the celebration! Congratulations to Jana and Mark, you’re a really awesome couple and were absolutely wonderful to work with. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and success!

What a beautiful, sunny day and gorgeous blue sky!

Jana and Mark saw each other for a few private moments before shooting family portraits the ceremony. I highly recommend doing this to all of my clients because it allows you to take more portraits before the ceremony so that you can relax and enjoy yourself during the reception!

And here comes the bride! This is a beautiful shot that my second shooter, J.D. Horne, took. I love how romantic this feels.

And now for some fun group shots!

Let the celebrating begin!

I’ve been told by clients that they almost forget that I’m even there after the ceremony (I’ve even been called a wedding photography ninja!), which I love because it allows me to capture sweet moments like this one:

This tree was just TOO awesome not to share with you again!