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Tips on Hiring a Wedding Photographer from a Photographer

How to Pick Your Wedding Photographer Over the years, I've been emailed, called and chatted up about my wedding photography services. More often than not, I book a wedding when I receive an email or a call from a bride inquiring about her date. I've been lucky to work with some simply wonderful, kind and amazing clients who are respectful of my time and who value my work. Rarely am I emailed by a bride who is "price checking" all of the photographers in my area and has no real interest in hiring me. But, it does happen on occasion and I hear from other photographers that it happens to them, and it happens a lot.   Most brides don't know where to start when they begin their search for a wedding photographer and sometimes they stumble along the way. So, I've decided to put together a few helpful tips on how to pick your wedding photographer, from a photographer's point of view. These are things that most photographers want  you to know, but maybe aren't willing to say. 1) Ask Around - Sometimes the best way to find great photographers and avoid the less-than-stellar ones is to start your search by asking around....

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