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Arkansas Boudoir – Little Rock Boudoir Session

Sophisticated Arkansas Boudoir Photography Recently, I shot a fabulous boudoir session. My client came prepared with a few simple outfits, a lot of ideas and a great attitude. My stylist and I had a blast working her posing and giving her a ton of different looks. Since she came with a few ideas but was open to my suggestions, we were able to do a lot to create a bunch of different boudoir looks and poses for her. By choosing an extended session for her shoot, we were able to change her hair several different times and use lots of different set-ups to give her variety in her boudoir images. I have no idea how she will pick which images to include in her Little Black Book! Here are a few of my favorites from her Arkansas boudoir session: ...

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Miss L – Little Rock, Arkansas Boudoir Photography

Arkansas Boudoir Photography by Meredith Melody Miss L is getting married and is gifting her groom a fabulous Little Black Book filled with her favorite boudoir portraits from her session with me. I love photographing brides. They are so excited about this time in their life, and what better way to show your groom how lucky he is to marry you and how much in love you are with him?? Here are a few of my favorite boudoir shots of Miss L: ...

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How to Choose a Boudoir Photographer – Arkansas Boudoir Photography

How to Choose a Boudoir Photographer I get asked a lot about boudoir photography. What's a session like? Who books these kinds of shoots? How exactly does it work? What do you photoshop - can you make me look smaller? What should I wear? Etc, etc, etc. I also get asked about what separates a good boudoir photographer from the rest and what kinds of questions you should ask when booking a session with a boudoir photographer. I hope to answer those questions in this post. First and foremost, I think a boudoir photographer should be passionate about working with and photographing women. If you've found a photographer who shoots boudoir because they love creating an amazing experience and beautiful photographs for their clients, then you've started your search in the right place. I see many photographers who have begun shooting boudoir simply because it's popular. Boudoir is more than just booking sessions for a paycheck and shooting sexy images. It's about empowering women and celebrating femininity, our curves and our inner beauty. Finding a photographer who understands that and knows how to leverage their passion to create stunning images is super important. If you've found a photographer who loves boudoir and is...

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