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Memphis Boudoir | Arkansas Boudoir | Testimonial

[su_spacer] [/su_spacer] [su_quote cite="Kelly"]At first, I was extremely nervous to do a boudoir shoot. But, Meredith and her team made me feel right at home and relaxed from the moment I walked in the studio! I couldn't believe how comfortable I felt in front of the camera and Meredith's kind words helped tremendously! [su_spacer size="10"] [/su_spacer]The shoot was one of the most fun and exciting things I have ever done, and knowing that this was going to be a special gift for my husband made every second of the shoot so special. [su_spacer size="10"] [/su_spacer]I highly recommend doing this, not only for the special guy in your life, but for yourself! Everyone needs a photo to look back and say…."Wow I rocked it!" [/su_quote] ...

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LIttle Rock Boudoir | Memphis Boudoir | Arkansas Boudoir

Little Rock Boudoir | Arkansas Boudoir | Client Testimonial

[su_spacer] [/su_spacer][su_quote cite="Tina"] I scheduled a boudoir session with the fabulous Meredith Melody after I went through my divorce!! Divorce can be brutal and wreak havoc on ones self confidence. As most of us know, being a wife and mother we have to be selfless, giving all we have to others. I decided to do this just for me! [su_spacer size="10"] [/su_spacer]Meredith met all my expectations of what a boudoir shoot would be like. She made me feel comfortable in my own skin. I was so excited to have a stylist do my hair and makeup. What girl doesn't like to be pampered and made to feel beautiful? The entire experience was positive. Everyone involved treated me with the utmost respect but most of all, they made it fun! [su_spacer size="10"] [/su_spacer]After receiving the proofs, I couldn't believe how amazing the photos were. It was very difficult to choose the photos for my album because the were all so amazing. My boyfriend (who is always showering me with compliments) could not stop telling me how beautiful the photos are, which only makes me love him more!! [su_spacer size="10"] [/su_spacer]Thank you Meredith for a wonderful experience!!! [/su_quote][su_spacer] [/su_spacer] ...

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Little Rock Wedding Photographers | Albert Pike Temple Wedding

Albert Pike Historic Temple Wedding | Melanie and Bret

Melanie and Bret shared a first look before we began portraits - such a sweet, happy moment for this couple! The cutest ring bearer you ever did see! The ceremony took place in the masonic temple, a truly beautiful room.  Melanie and Bret's first dances were so sweet and emotional. I love these moments between Melanie and her Dad, and Bret and his Mom.  Congrats!!!...

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Chapel on the Creeks Wedding | Arkansas Wedding Photographers

Chapel on the Creeks Wedding | Ashley and Justin

[su_spacer size="10"] [/su_spacer] Ashley and Justin's wedding was my favorite of 2015. It was a beautiful wedding, but that's not why it was my favorite. Ashley was one of my college roommates and has been one of my dearest friends ever since. She is truly one of the kindest, sweetest, and most genuine people I know. She and Justin could not be any more perfect for eachother and being with them to celebrate their marriage was the perfect way to end my year. Here are a few of my favorite moments from their Chapel on the Creeks wedding: [su_spacer size="10"] [/su_spacer] Ashley and Justin shared a first look before the ceremony. I love the laughter, smiles and tears!  I love these moments between Ashley, her grandfather and her dad. On her parents' wedding day, her Grandpa put a penny in her Mom's shoe for good luck. On her wedding day, the same penny was placed in Ashley's shoe by her Grandpa and her Dad put a new penny in her other shoe.  Before the reception, Ashley and Justin took a few minutes to practice their first...

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