Every girl, young or grown, needs a gorgeous photo of her mother.

Moms, we’re always behind the camera taking photos of our little ones, or dodging the lens because we aren’t happy with how we look. Remember that you need to exist in photos for your children, no matter what. When they look back at what you’ve documented of their lives through photographs, you need to be part of those memories, too. Spending an afternoon getting pampered to create a gorgeous photograph of yourself may seem frivolous or indulgent to you, but you know what? For all of those PB&Js and carrot sticks prepared, those hundreds of loads of laundry, for picking up toys, hours of  homework, wiping away tears and kissing boo-boos, for cheering in the stands and watching proudly at graduation, YOU deserve to treat yourself and your kids deserve to have a beautiful photograph of you.

They will cherish it forever, I promise.