Our House and Giving Back

Our House and Giving Back

A few weekends ago, I spent my Saturday morning photographing some amazing families. I organized this portrait event with Our House, a local shelter for the working homeless, in order to give a few deserving families some beautiful portraits.  It was an experience that I cannot yet put into words as eloquently as I would like, but I wanted to go ahead and share the photos here.

I keep thinking back to that day and simply feel overwhelmed by emotion. I think it’s easy to forget how lucky we are, how much we have to be thankful for, and how easy it is to go along with our day-to-day lives and not think about the bigger picture. All of these families are working hard to better themselves and to create a better life for their children. I can’t think of another situation in my life where I’ve been around such nice, humble and appreciative women and truly happy kids. I walked away feeling so much love for my own daughter, and determined to find a way to do more for families like these….

If you’d like to contribute to these families and help Our House achieve it’s mission, you should make a donation or attend Tie One On, Our House’s annual silent and live auction, which is this Friday, December 2nd… Who knows, you could bid on and win a portrait session with me!


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  • Ozge Baykara/ 02.12.2011Reply

    What a wonderful way to appreciate everything and say “thank you” to life. They look so happy and it is so clear that they will do great things in life. They are all wonderful.

  • Rachel McCauley/ 29.11.2011Reply

    Wow Meredith! What a great gift you have given to these families. Just lovely.

  • Raven/ 29.11.2011Reply

    Love the way the purple pops and compliments her skin tones!

  • Rosemary/ 29.11.2011Reply

    Good job, Mere. Wonderful photos, but so much more than that!

  • Alexis D./ 29.11.2011Reply

    What a beautiful set of photographs. I’m sure these families will look back on these images as a wonderful gift for years to come.

  • Meredith Lord/ 29.11.2011Reply

    Gorgeous photos and some wonderful smiles!

  • Gina Lewis/ 28.11.2011Reply

    Beautiful pics! Absolutely love the idea.

  • Amy/ 28.11.2011Reply

    These are awesome!!! Kudos to you for sharing your talent this way!

  • Tina/ 28.11.2011Reply

    Love, love, love, love, love!!

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