A few weekends ago, I spent my Saturday morning photographing some amazing families. I organized this portrait event with Our House, a local shelter for the working homeless, in order to give a few deserving families some beautiful portraits.  It was an experience that I cannot yet put into words as eloquently as I would like, but I wanted to go ahead and share the photos here.

I keep thinking back to that day and simply feel overwhelmed by emotion. I think it’s easy to forget how lucky we are, how much we have to be thankful for, and how easy it is to go along with our day-to-day lives and not think about the bigger picture. All of these families are working hard to better themselves and to create a better life for their children. I can’t think of another situation in my life where I’ve been around such nice, humble and appreciative women and truly happy kids. I walked away feeling so much love for my own daughter, and determined to find a way to do more for families like these….

If you’d like to contribute to these families and help Our House achieve it’s mission, you should make a donation or attend Tie One On, Our House’s annual silent and live auction, which is this Friday, December 2nd… Who knows, you could bid on and win a portrait session with me!