Jennifer & Micah – Little Rock Engagement Portraits

Jennifer & Micah – Little Rock Engagement Portraits

Congratulations to Jennifer and Micah on their upcoming wedding! We had a great time shooting their engagement portraits in downtown Little Rock. The happy couple is getting hitched in late January, and I can’t wait for their wedding. Jennifer is planning a beautiful winter wedding and I’m so excited to see what she and all of her fabulous vendors are cooking up. For now, here are some of my favorite shots from their engagement session:

I love, love, love the yummy light in this image!

I was also super excited to see some fall colors on the trees this early in the year. Jennifer mentioned that she loves sun flare in photos, so she was thrilled with this shot!

Gotta love a simple and pretty portrait.

  • Brenda McCutcheon/ 27.11.2010Reply

    meredith buddy and i know jennifer’s mom and dad well. buddy went to premed and med school with tony.jennifer has become a beautiful young woman and we are so happy for her engagement. these photos are beautiful and capture all the love that they share. brenda

  • Jennifer/ 04.10.2010Reply

    I can’t stop looking at the pictures!!!!!! I love them so much! Micah loves them too! We’ve already picked out our favorites and we defintiely can’t wait for the wedding pictures!

    You do such a beautiful job and you are so talented!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

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