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Arkansas Boudoir – Boudoir Photoshop Retouching

Curious about how much of my work is photoshopped? Well, not that much. I try always to keep my clients looking like my clients. My goal for every shoot is NOT for you to look nothing like yourself. I want you to feel amazing in your own skin, but that said, sometimes our skin could use a little help. Personally, ever since I turned 30, I feel like a teenager again! Breakouts, oily skin - it's crazy and when I'm photographed I want that stuff minimized! When you come into my studio, the makeup is really what makes a transformation. Bold and smokey versus natural makes a huge difference in the end product and how your images look. Regardless of how we style your session, I always retouch the same way for every client. It's pretty simple and not a crazy, dramatic transformation like you might see some supermodels go through in fashion editorials. Here's my checklist: Remove blemishes Reduce under eye circles (I don't remove them completely because that looks unnatural and, well, fake! We all have a bit of shadow under our eyes) Smooth skin and even out skin tone Soften wrinkles (again, I don't completely remove these, but I reduce and soften) Enhance eyes Pump...

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Arkansas Boudoir

Arkansas Boudoir – Little Rock Boudoir

Miss L. had been holding onto a gift certificate for a shoot with me for nearly a year before she called. She was nervous. She was worried about being in front of the camera. She wasn't sure how to "be sexy." We chatted on the phone for a while and talked about the experience my clients have in my studio. Everyone is a little nervous, everyone is uncomfortable in front of the camera (at first!) and most women don't know how to pose like a Victoria's Secret model. We talked about what she had in mind for her images and went over all of her questions. Reluctantly, but still with a little excitement, she scheduled her shoot. On the day of her boudoir session, L. arrived with her Mom to cheer her on and lots of outfits to choose from. We started hair and makeup and after shooting her first look, she was hooked on the boudoir experience. Having a blast, feeling totally comfortable and looking drop dead gorgeous. At the end of the shoot, hugs and lots of 'thank yous' were exchanged. I knew she'd had an amazing experience and left here with a renewed sense of confidence and femininity....

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Little Rock Photography Studio – Meredith Melody Photography

I have been at my new photography studio for a few months, now, and I am loving everything about it. Being located in Hillcrest in Little Rock  is amazing. I love it because the neighborhood is full of super nice people, is dog-friendly and has lots of eateries and boutiques. Parking is easy to find and there is a Kroger out my back door. I feel right at home! I wanted the studio to feel light, airy and modern, so I chose mostly white and black for the decor, as well as a few pops of red since that's my favorite color. The large room is where I do day-to-day editing, client communication and marketing. It's also my consult area where I meet with clients and hold image viewing appointments. The second area is my natural light studio, which is dedicated to shooting, hair and makeup. The light in the shooting room is dreamy even on the cloudiest of days, and because it's almost always bathed in light, it also happens to be Frank's favorite place to nap. Take a look around, and I hope to see you here soon! xo, Meredith...

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Tips on Hiring a Wedding Photographer from a Photographer

How to Pick Your Wedding Photographer Over the years, I've been emailed, called and chatted up about my wedding photography services. More often than not, I book a wedding when I receive an email or a call from a bride inquiring about her date. I've been lucky to work with some simply wonderful, kind and amazing clients who are respectful of my time and who value my work. Rarely am I emailed by a bride who is "price checking" all of the photographers in my area and has no real interest in hiring me. But, it does happen on occasion and I hear from other photographers that it happens to them, and it happens a lot.   Most brides don't know where to start when they begin their search for a wedding photographer and sometimes they stumble along the way. So, I've decided to put together a few helpful tips on how to pick your wedding photographer, from a photographer's point of view. These are things that most photographers want  you to know, but maybe aren't willing to say. 1) Ask Around - Sometimes the best way to find great photographers and avoid the less-than-stellar ones is to start your search by asking around....

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How to Choose a Boudoir Photographer – Arkansas Boudoir Photography

How to Choose a Boudoir Photographer I get asked a lot about boudoir photography. What's a session like? Who books these kinds of shoots? How exactly does it work? What do you photoshop - can you make me look smaller? What should I wear? Etc, etc, etc. I also get asked about what separates a good boudoir photographer from the rest and what kinds of questions you should ask when booking a session with a boudoir photographer. I hope to answer those questions in this post. First and foremost, I think a boudoir photographer should be passionate about working with and photographing women. If you've found a photographer who shoots boudoir because they love creating an amazing experience and beautiful photographs for their clients, then you've started your search in the right place. I see many photographers who have begun shooting boudoir simply because it's popular. Boudoir is more than just booking sessions for a paycheck and shooting sexy images. It's about empowering women and celebrating femininity, our curves and our inner beauty. Finding a photographer who understands that and knows how to leverage their passion to create stunning images is super important. If you've found a photographer who loves boudoir and is...

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Why Consider a First Look – Arkansas Wedding Photography FAQs

Arkansas Wedding Photography: Why You Should Consider a "First Look" Since I shoot a lot of Arkansas wedding photography, a lot of brides ask me if she and her groom should see each other before the wedding. I usually say yes, but I always follow-up my answer with my personal and professional experience to explain why. I view the wedding day from a bride's perspective before approaching it as a photographer. I know what its like to finally be in the dress - nervous and waiting with anticipation - ready to walk down the aisle. My husband and I did not have a 'First Look' and I regret it. I'm not saying that it wasn't special seeing Andrew for the first time as the doors to the sanctuary opened. In fact, I cried like a baby. Seeing him that way just wasn't what I wanted or needed in that moment. All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around him, hug him and tell him how much I loved him. I was worried about how I looked crying and was worried about smearing my makeup. I wanted to feel comfortable and like myself, not a version of  myself on display...

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Why Hire a Wedding Planner – Arkansas Wedding Photographer, Meredith Melody

Congratulations! You're engaged and you're on the path to planning the most beautiful, romantic and memorable day of your life - you're planning your wedding! The idea of planning a wedding is exciting, but the reality is that it can also be challenging and stressful. A professional wedding consultant can help you with most, or all, of the tasks involved in planning your wedding. From timelines, checklists, vendors, accessories, emergency safety-pins and etiquette, a planner has the experience necessary to make sure your day comes together seamlessly and beautifully. Reason #1 - Design A wedding planner will help you turn your dreams into reality. Your planner will meet with you to discuss your ideas and ask questions so that they fully understand what you envision, and then go to work to find the right vendors to create the perfect wedding for you. What if you don't know exactly what you want or you're not into making a zillion trips to scope out caterers, florists and venues? That's OK! Your wedding planner will take care of the things you're not interested in doing yourself and can handle most the details for you. It's your planner's job to understand your vision, know your likes and...

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Wedding Photography FAQ’s – Little Rock Wedding Photography

WHY DO YOU LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING WEDDINGS? WHAT'S YOUR STYLE OF PHOTOGRAPHY? I think that weddings are a celebration of a very sacred bond between two people. I feel honored to be part of every wedding I shoot and I always treat the day and the people involved with the highest level of respect and courtesy. I love love and I adore weddings. I love the beauty, glamour and emotion. I believe that my job is to capture the day in a dedicated yet unobtrusive manner that yields beautiful, timeless images. My focus is a journalistic style of photography, and my approach to photographing weddings is classic with a contemporary flair. I always try to find the perfect combination of fresh, pretty and classic photographs that show honest emotions and real moments. I document my clients' weddings in a way that allows them to relive the day every time they look at their images; no detail is too small and no glance or embrace too brief. I work quickly to shoot the posed and formal photographs and focus most of my time and energy on highlighting the laughter, tears and love that you and your guests experience throughout the wedding day. I realize...

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Wedding Day Timelines – Arkansas Wedding Photography

When consulting with my clients, I'm often asked about what time to begin portraits and the general photography timeline for the day. Your wedding photography actually has a great deal of influence over the events of the day, and if not planned properly, some of the basic happenings of a wedding day, such as hair and makeup appointments, can have a big impact on how the rest of the day unfolds. I thought it might be useful to share, from a photography standpoint, what I've learned to be an ideal wedding day timeline. If you've done any research at all on wedding timelines, you'll find that there is a lot of it out there and I have to give a special thanks to two photographers who've helped supplement my wedding photography experiences with their informational blog posts. Melissa Jill and Jasmine Star are always willing to share their knowledge of weddings and photography with clients and with other photographers - If you want to see their tips on wedding photography and their perspectives on wedding day timelines, you can read Jasmine's view here and Melissa's tips for a well-planned wedding here. The timeline I have outlined below is meant to be...

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